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Magento vs Shopify, Which is Best?
Comparison guide between the 2 most popular Ecommerce platforms. Both are very good for marketing purposes having numerous SEO features

Website loading times are one of the most critical hosting factors that anyone can improve on
Page speed matters for SEO (search rankings)
For user experience
For audience engagement
For customer conversions For business profitability
Think as if you are a first time visitor to your website. No one wants their time to be wasted, Would you leave your own site if you found your website to be slow? The statistics say YES. More than 1 in 5 people will leave a site if pages are delayed for even just 3 seconds. The analysis also found that 9 out of every 10 top online stores would keep additional users on their site through focusing more on load time

Speed is Now a Ranking Factor for Search Engines

Google announced way back in 2010 that speed was a ranking factor. They are aggressively concerned with speed. There are many free speed test sites you can use such as
Pingdom ToolsGTmetrix - Website Speed and Performance Optimization
Also try a Bing Search. Key phrase being: Check my Website Speed.

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Performance Factors YOU Can Influence

Run just about any Site Speed Checker and you will have a handy list of things you should be doing to improve the performance of your Website. They normally will not tell you if your Hosting Services needs improving. But they will tell you some items to change that can effect your loading time greatly

How to Speed Up Your Website?

Understanding the magic behind page speed optimization is not that difficult. Learn what speed optimization is and what is best for any given website

See our page on "How to Improve Your Website" There are different ways to improve your site, increase conversions, and have repeat visitors

Businesses SEO Marketing Strategy: Improving Page Speed

Also see our Website Tune Up page. This will show you 17 Points of interest you should concentrate on

Choose a good Web Hosting Company

Remember "You Get What You Pay For" Those cheap sales pitches to get you to sign up with are most of the time traps. Trapping you into long term contracts. That will increase substantially over time

Website Hosting Review Sites

Can you trust them? Some are the biggest name Hosting Review Websites like "CNET" and even "Business.com" are nothing more than Advertisement Websites. Websites that contain inflated ratings and fake reviews, hoping you sign up through their Links so they receive a commision
Best Hosting Review Websites